Plastic keytags

To acknowledge continuous clean-time of
30, 60, 90 days, six months, nine months,
1 year, 18 months, and multiple years


Milestones of continuous clean-time
from cocaine and all other mind-altering
substances, for 1 or more multiple years


CA is non-profit, and as such, all books are sold at cost only.  Some of these are shown further below.
In addition, the World Service Conference has passed the following Advisory Opinions:
August 20, 1989: “The books “Alcoholics Anonymous” and “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” of Alcoholics Anonymous are two of our most valuable tools of recovery and as such, it is the opinion of Cocaine Anonymous that meetings should be allowed to have these books available to support members in their recovery.”
Cocaine Anonymous has it’s own library of recovery-based books available at cost.  A few of these are shown immediately below.

“Hope, Faith & Courage”

This book, “Hope, Faith, and Courage – Stories and Literature from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous”, is offered as testimony that any newcomer who has an honest desire to stop using, and is willing to make the effort, can recover. 

“Hope, Faith & Courage”
Volume II

“Hope, Faith & Courage — Volume II:  Stories and Literature from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous”
More inpiring stories of recovery by members of Cocaine Anonymous, intended to inspire and encourage just what the book’s title describes:  Hope, Faith & Courage. 

“A Quiet Peace”
(Daily Meditations)

Messages and Meditations for each day of the year.

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To order CA items within the Quebec Area, get in touch with your literature rep. Otherwise, you can order directly through our head office in Montreal, by using this order form:
For orders from outside of the Quebec Area, you can visit the CA world service office online store (ca.org/shop/) :

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Also, there are paper pamphlets available at face-to-face meetings, which are free for the taking.  There are 23 of these available to read or download on our Pamphlets webpage…

See “Pamphlets” webpage

Documents for Meetings

For all meetings of Cocaine Anonymous, here are the documents in PDF format that you can print and use for its progress. You can also use them if you want to start your own meeting.

Download Meeting Documents Here