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The purpose of La Ligne journal of the Quebec Area committee of Cocaine Anonymous according to our guidelines:

To maintain Unity throughout the Area by developing a sense of belonging and pride concerning our fellowship.

This document should include the following elements:

• News pertaining to our fellowship (special events and others news);
• Extracts from CA approved literature;
• Shares from CA members.

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July 2020 issue

December 2019 issue

September 2019 issue

June 2019 issue

March 2019 issue

The theme of the next issue is « SERENITY ».
The ending date for submissions: to be determined soon.

Please submit your recovery-related stories, comments or suggestions
– by email to , or
– by mail to “La Ligne”, 1945 Avenue Papineau, Montreal, QC, H2K 4J3
The purpose of “La Ligne” journal of Cocaine Anonymous is to maintain Unity throughout the area, and for developing a sense of belonging and pride concerning our fellowship.

It includes shares from CA members, news and information about meetings and special events in the area, and extracts from CA approved literature.

Regardless of your abstinence time, do not hesitate to send us your submissions. We assure you that your anonymity will always be respected.

Thanks to all of your submissions and to our devoted staff, a new edition of «La Ligne» is published every season. What a wonderful way to convey the message of
Hope, Faith and Courage” !